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Who We Are

Freebairn and Company is a full-service, integrated, marketing communications company based in Atlanta, Georgia. We serve a diverse portfolio of regional, national and international clients covering a wide range of industries. A Georgia corporation, located in Buckhead, we have been in the advertising brand building business since 1980. As one of the top independent agencies in Atlanta and among the top 400 nationally, Freebairn and Company generates capitalized billings of 20 million dollars annually.

Success starts with great ideas

From Edison to the Internet, every success has started with a great idea. With the right working environment, great ideas have a way of generating still more great ideas. We’ve learned from experience that marketing partnerships bring out the best in our clients and our agency. The more information we share, the more ideas we bring, the more successful we are at identifying and capitalizing on untapped advantages to build stronger brands. That’s why great clients make great advertising.

Cappelli Miles

Cappelli Miles is a full-service brand alignment and communications firm with offices in Eugene, Portland, Denver and Seattle.

Led by founders Bruce Cappelli and Rod Miles, the company has been working with forward-thinking organizations for more than 30 years, crafting insightful brand strategy as the foundation for long term, multiphase, multimedia communication campaigns.
Explore some of our case studies, or read what we have to say about brand alignment, advertising and more in our blog.

Aegis Group

Aegis Group is the world’s leading focused media and digital communications group.

With consumers more connected, through a range of devices, than ever before, the era of media convergence is presenting many opportunities as well as a new, complex media eco-system. From identifying who the consumers are, to how they make their decisions, Aegis Group makes the best use of today’s media mix to bring to life the right communication strategy and deliver the best results for clients.

We help clients communicate and build relationships with consumers around their products and brands.

Our products and services are delivered through our five network brands in Aegis Media and Aztec, our scan-data services company.

Moles and Removal Methods

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Moles cysts and lesions are all fairly standard skin defects. Normally we live with them as they are covered by our clothing. But some people would like to have them removed. They are all fairly simple to remove and are therefore usually treated in a day care centre. As a standard procedure a sample will be sent to the lab for analysis to ensure they are non-cancerous. After it has been removed a stich is usual in order to start the healing process. The scarring that may result will usually fade in time particularly if the procedure was small scale. There are further treatments such as microdermabrasion and facial skin peels which also fade in time. In order to have a costing for your selected treatment you need to visit a specialist who Will be able to assess the size of the area involved and what condition your skin is in. Typically a clinic such as would be of help A mole is best defined as an abnormality appearing on the body that can be of various sizes and shapes. Some are flat, and others raised. Most are harmless, If you do see a change or it starts to itch it is best to see your local GP A Little more definition of the technical terms Skins tags are skin that protrudes, commonly found in the armpits, eyelids and neck areas. Skin lesions are surface patches that stand out from the skin area Primary lesions are common at birth. These may include moles and birthmarks etc. They also include warts, acne and sunburn Secondary lesions are often the result of the patient picking at the primary lesion and causing it to develop further Cysts are pockets or sacs filled with fluid and develop in a number of different places in the body. Moles are usually black or brown in color and again can appear anywhere. They can start in childhood and it is quite normal to have 5 to 50 moles on your body at any one time. They can also develop hair that grows at a faster rate than normal.

How did that get gone

Side Effects Causing Pradaxa Lawsuit

Pradaxa Lawsuit occurs due to the side effects of the drug. The rate of the people effecting and dying with a stroke in the world is large the main reason of the stroke is blood clotting. Blood clotting happens in the heart, and it is caused by atrial fibrillation, atrial fibrillation is a disorder of heart which causes an unusual and irregular heartbeat and this is due to non-syncing of the upper and the lower chambers of the heart. The upper chamber of the heart which is called atria does not match or sync the beat of the lower two chambers of the heart which are known as left and right ventricles. With non-syncing of upper and lower heart chambers and the lack of coordination causes a blood to pool in the upper chamber the atria which result in blood clotting. This blood clotting escapes and break free and results in a stroke as the blood clot reaches the main area of the human being that is brain.

It has no doubt that Pradaxa is a useful drug and can help in saving a life by stopping a stroke through thinning of the blood. The two main drug that are used for thinning of the blood are Pradaxa and warfarin, while various doctors recommend Pradaxa because the superiority of the drug and due to the fact of Pradaxa being safer than warfarin. Thedrug possesses benefits and also side effects the main side effects of the drug are nausea, heartburn, indigestion, diarrhoea, stomach pain, and rashes or mild itching on the skin. The drug can also show a side effect of gastrointestinal discomfort which might lead to gastrointestinal bleeding. Due to these side effects many patients go through terrible pain and can also perform a lawsuit towards Pradaxa as it is their right.

Toned Abs with Flex Belt

Flex Belt is the first and the best belt which has an abs toning system, and it is recognized and cleared by the food and drug association FDA for toning, strengthening and firming the stomach muscles or the abdomen area. With the help of Flex Belt a person can train his abs with intensity levels in the belt and can train his abs different programs installed in the belt. The belt is useful if a person has jobs and can get time out of work, or women who have kids and working a job at the same time. They just can’t take time to work out and maintain their fitness and abs and can’t look good. Flex belt can help them with their problem because flex belt is comfortable and gives amazing results. Even if a person is tired to work out after a long day he can just sit on a couch and watch his favourite movie with the flex belt strapped on and with the help of the flex belt he is practically working out. The flex belt is also clinically demonstrated and patented medical grade technology which stimulates the nerves in the body and makes muscles on the abdomen area relax and contract. With the relaxing and the contracting, the belt performs the same job as person doing crunches. While crunches are require hard work putting the flex belt and watching it perform its job is like sleeping. A person can get strong, firm and toned abs in a matter of weeks with the amazing flex belt. There is also a 60 days guarantee with the belt as if it does not perform as your liking a person can return it. Which is impossible because with the flex belt a person can get effective abs work out, all it takes is 30 minutes a day and you can get well toned abs in weeks.